Argentine Strings (1 set): 1510 Loop End for Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Savarez)

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The most popular gypsy jazz strings, used by Django Reinhardt and most current Gypsy Jazz Artists!

What they are:

A set of 1510 loop end strings for Gypsy Jazz Guitar.

What they do:

Benefiting from new winding techniques that have been incorporated in the manufacturing process, Argentine strings offer a perfect homogeneity between the steel core and the silver-plated metal strip wrapped over, and as a result resist better to hard use. Their increased resistance is also the result of the use of the most reliable and the finest raw materials perfectly adapted to the very specific needs of musical strings. This resistance gives the strings have a longer life.

Acoustic Qualities:

  • Brilliant sound
  • Clear sound
  • Power
  • Rich tone


  • Light gauge - .010 .014 .022 .028 .036 .045
  • Loop end
  • E1 and B2: plain steel
  • G, D, A and E6: silver-plated wound
  • Purple silk winding
  • Made in France