Gypsy Jazz Guitar Buyers Guide: A Primer

Posted by Tommy Davy on Nov 11th 2023

In order to understand that big, authentic sound, it’s helpful to have a sense of the Gypsy-jazz guitar’s history and construction. The instrument was conceived in the early 1930s through a collaborat … read more

Gunter Grass

Posted by Tommy Davy on Nov 11th 2023

"Perhaps we lack the very people we're afraid of, because they are foreign to us and look foreign. Those whom, out of fear, we meet with hatred, which now daily turns to violence. And perhaps those we … read more

Antoine Di Mauro "St Louis Blues"

Posted by Tommy Davy on Aug 9th 2018

Featured in this edition is a look at one of the most innovative guitar making legacy's in Parisian luthierie In 1925 Joseph Di Mauro (1894-1966) arrived from Catania to Paris to begin producing every … read more