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The atelier of Favino produced guitars for some of the biggest names in Gypsy Jazz.

Guitarists who play Favino guitars:

- Louis Fays, Raphaël Fays,
-Boulou,Elios et Matelo Ferré
- Angelo Debare
- Enrico Macias
- Laurent Bajata
- Rodolphe Raffalli
- Stochelo Rosenberg
- Patrick Saussois
- Maurice Ferret
- Niglo
- Mondine
- Ninine
- Joseph Pouville (Babagne)
- Marc Fosset
- Paolo Quilicci
- Jacques Vaney
- Fapy Lafertin
- Ian Cruikchank
- Romane
- Serge Krief
- Paul Mehling
- John Larsen
-Dan Gharibian
-Max Robin
-Alfred Moermann
-Pierre "Kamlo" Barré
-Jean-Philippe Watremez
- Christophe Lartilleux