*SOLD* 1996 Maurice Dupont MD-35

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A rare vintage Maurice Dupont MD-35 featuring solid Koa back and sides. A highly prized Dupont with 1990's date in mint condition previously owned by Steve Miller!

At the primary school, the father of the best buddy of Maurice Dupont had a shipyard of wooden boats in Saujon. The two children often spent their free time there and discovered the extraordinary material of wood. In addition, this gentleman made model aircraft. After a move to Cognac, at 12 years old, the boats being far away, Maurice began to do modeling of flying planes. At the time, radio command did not exist, it was free flight and it was necessary to run after the planes to recover them (when possible!). In parallel, Maurice plays Rugby (up to the age of 30) and develops his team spirit.Passionate about mechanics, he enjoyed repairing family toys and bicycles before attacking the mopeds. In high school, he chose a technological branch (mechanical engineering) and later joined the IUT mechanical engineering of Bordeaux. It was during this period that he discovered that violin making was a profession and decided to embark on it. Already, at the age of 17, he had built a dulcimer and at 18, an electric guitar from plans published in a DIY review! Lacking a school of lutherie and having passed the age of entering Mirecourt, the solutions were to go abroad or to learn alone. He decided to go to Paris and Jacques Favino, the luthier of Georges Brassens, opened its doors to him. Through observation, Maurice Dupont learned a great deal, and Jean-Pierre, the son of Jacques, advised him to study cabinet-making, a training he would do in Vendee. Duly graduated, it presents a hurdy-gurdy of its manufacture to CAMAC, manufacturer of instruments in Nantes and occupies there a use of factor of musical instruments. In 1981, he settled in Boutiers in a room of 50 m 2. From the beginning, he devoted himself mainly to the manufacture of guitars, even if he could repair all types of instruments. Little by little he began selling and hiring staff. At that time he devoted himself mainly to the manufacture of classical guitars, particularly caring for the "cabinetmaking" side while seeking the best possible sound. It is this search for permanent quality that will lead him to work later with Roland Dyens or Roberto Aussel. It should be noted that it was with a classical guitar that he obtained the title of "One of the Best Workers of France" in 1989.