Siro Burgassi #266

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Guitars by Siro Burgassi are among the rarest of all "Golden Period" instruments. One of the early principal shop foreman of Busato along with Gino Papiri; this pair would produce the majority of the master built Chevin Banjos and Busato deluxe guitars. Burgassi was one of the few luthiers of his day to implement radical design features that were far ahead of their time. The instrument bears similar features reminiscent of the violin and mandolin makers of Sicily. Top purfling, floating pick-guard and radically convexed back gives the instrument a look and voice of its own. The bass response and resonance of the low frequencies is enhanced by the free-floating back and midrange response is stiff and articulate due to the hybrid fan bracing employed on the top. The result of Burgassi's history building some of the best guitars in Paris culminated in brilliant instruments such as this fine instrument.

Instrument Features

  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • French Spruce Top
  • 3 Piece Mahogany Neck
  • Poplar Laminated Back and Sides
  • BB Tuners
  • Original Tailpiece marked with the makers serial
  • Ebony Bridge
  • Reproduction Replacement Pick-Guard

Instrument Dimensions

  • 39.7 cm Lowe Bout
  • 29.1 cm Upper Bout
  • 660 mm Scale Length
  • 9.4cm Thickness of Ribs