DjangoGuitars #7 "503" 4.7mm (Vintage Galalith)

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This replica model was modeled after a pick in the collection of a friend of the great Django Reinhardt. Picks constructed in this manner allow for a strong and percussive attack with very little string noise. A smooth and accurate bevel ideal for gypsy picking and a rich and lush rhythm sound; our Galalith imitation tortoiseshell boasts a tremendously natural sound; indistinguishable to that of real tortoiseshell.

Our proprietary polishing process gives the material the truest luster and appearance to that of a real tortoise pick.

NOTE: As this plectrum is constructed of a natural material; we suggest storing it in a small leather pouch away from moisture and heat. With proper care, this pick should provide years of playing use.

Available in thicknesses of 4.7 mm. Any custom variation made on request.