DjangoGuitars #6 "TD" Pick 2.9mm (Vintage Galalith)

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The next generation of DjangoGuitars custom plectrums have arrived. The construction of real Turtle shell picks has long been an arcane tradition with much mystery around why certain plectrums have a particular color and attack to their sound. Over the years our team has been granted access to measure and study many of these coveted picks belonging to the most prolific artists of the Gypsy swing guitar. The result has yielded us the most authentic and accurate replica to that of genuine shell.

A plectrum best suited for playing styles that utilize a perpendicular angle to the strings. We find that this model has the least amount of string noise. Enough mass to give you a rounded sound without sacrificing picking precision.

In 2011 our founder Tommy Davy began researching the picks used by many famous Gypsy Guitarists in France. Since then DjangoGuitars has meticulously replicated these picks using synthetic materials capturing the essence of this once mysterious Gypsy Jazz essential.