Carlos CS Carbon Fiber Sensor DjangoGuitars Edition

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Our recommended pickup for amplifying the Selmer-Maccaferri guitar!

Specially engineered carbon housing isolates the pickup element for a linear frequency response and true reproduction of your performance. Requires no external power or preamp for operation. Can be mounted internally or externally. Quick-detach carbon fiber jack plate included.

-Extra soundboard adhesive included
-External jack mount included
-Constructed of aerospace grade extruded carbon fiber
-Mounts to guitar quickly and easily with included Velcro backed mounting plate.
-Mounting instructions included.

"I have been using the Carlos CS Sensor for 15 concerts now, and must say that it is the most amazing sound experience I've ever had on stage with a gypsy guitar !!! It sounds unbelievably acoustic, has great body and it's really powerful... everything you need for a gyspy guitar ! Thank you @carlos.pickups your system is absolutely amazing !!" -Antoine Boyer