Bireli Lagrene - My Favorite Django

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"One of the many amazing discoveries I made on my last stay in Paris was the music of guitarist Christophe Astolfi. In modern times the old style of the Valse Musette in Jazz Manouche has become passe in context to the new school. Yet there are a few brave players who continue to carry the torch onward in Paris. Christophe can be seen regularly accompanying the legendary Boulou Ferre along with Frank Anastasio at Atelier Charonne near the Bastille in the 11th Arr. It is easy to understand this collaboration of like minds. After a concert at friends home I was casually introduced to Christophe and he gave me a CD. I had no idea that this music was being played with such authenticity and innate understanding. The sound brought me right back to Jo Privats Manouche Partie and Matelo Ferre. The material covered includes not only some stunning originals but, compositions by Django Reinhardt, Baro Ferre and J. Baselli to name a few. My favorite of the CD would be "De Pluie et de Restes #1 & #2" an original composition by Christophe which is a modern jazz creative take on the Valse Musette. All 16 tracks on the release were recorded with an 1973 Favino. Christophe is accompanied by Frederic Guedon on rhythm guitar and Benjamin Labroue on bass. The sound of everything from the tremolo to the vibrato of his playing is simply a joy. A rarity these days to hear such a classic tone. I urge you to hear what this record has in store." -Thomas Owner,