Vintage Guitar Series: 1972 Jacques Favino & ST-51 Stimer

unnamed-14Profiled in this post is the quintessential French gypsy guitar of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s jazz Manouche revival. Favino guitars have been owned by such renowned guitarists such as Robin Nolan, Stochelo Rosenberg, Bireli Lagrene, Serge Krief, Ninnie Garcia, Moreno, Tchan Tchou, Maurice Ferret, Matelot Ferre, Boulou and Elios Ferre and many many more. Jacques Favino started working in Paris at the atelier of Busato and began revising his own designs to form what would later become the famous Favino jazz model. Models measuring to exact Favino mold shape can be seen being sold under the Busato brand; as was the case with many other makers.

Affixed to the guitar is the infamous Yves Guen Stimer made famous by Django Reinhardt. The ST-51 was a staple of the musicians who worked the loud clubs and cabarets of Paris. A removable magnetic type pickup similar to the USA made DeArmond that could be easily removed or attached depending on the need. Guitarists like Tchan Tchou would make the Favino/Stimer combination a signature sound along with various valve amplifiers.

Guitar retains original Bilardi (S.B Type) tuning machines with rare square buttons.

unnamed-9Guitar retains original Bilardi (S.B Type) tuning machines with rare square buttons.


1972 Favino Constructed of Indian rosewood back and sides, 5 piece maple neck.



Brazilian rosewood bridge and moustache, Delaruelle tailpiece and Stimer ST-51 Pickup


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