“I discovered Tommy Davy while looking to move some vintage Django style guitars in my home town. The first thing that impressed me was that he knew the source of each of the boxes that had been stashed away in my house for a number of years! Then he quickly identified what was “wrong” in terms of originality about each one. After he picked up one of the axes, and proceeded to sail through an up tempo waltz with exacting gypsy style technique, I immediately knew that here was someone who had genuinely studied the style. Judging from the amount of literature, vintage ephemera and equipment in his shop, Tommy was clearly obsessed with Django style music and culture.  An afternoon hanging out with him and jamming, confirmed his deep knowledge of all things “Hot Club.” He freely shared information. On the way out, he ushered me through his repair bench. It was sparkling clean and organized, just like everything else in his store. After seeing a video on Youtube demonstrating his facility with gypsy guitar set-up, as well as taking into account his personal history with violin repair, I knew he’d be totally capable of diagnosing another old gypsy box in my collection. He right away recognized the problem spots, and tried humidification and other actions before finally doing a refret. It turned out perfectly, even though I later found out it was a not an easy job. And he turned it over in a timely manner. I have been involved in vintage guitars for longer than I care to admit. I always want to support a person like Tommy — his love for and deep knowledge of all things gypsy is extraordinary. I am inspired by his passion for this idiosyncratic musical milieu.”

-David Yorkin (Los Angeles, CA)

“I wanted to let you know what a great learning opportunity the Gypsy Jazz Summit you organized was. Both you and Christiaan are excellent teachers. I appreciated the chance to see masters of the genre play “up close and personal”, and then share and demonstrate technical skills in digestible bits. The study materials provided will help me continue to improve into the future. I wish you luck in your future endeavors, and plan to continue coming to these events.”
-Steve Wiessler (California)

“I had the pleasure to meet Tommy Davy at DjangoFest NW last September where my son Henry and I were performing. Prior to our performance, the action on Henry’s AJL signature model action was creeping up into the “difficult” zone and we approached Tommy for a quick set up before the performance. It was very apparent from the onset that he knew instinctively what the guitar needed. With Tommy’s set up, the guitar played beautifully and the show was a big success.  Months later and after returning home to New England, the action became a problem again.  Remembering Tommy’s impressive abilities, we contacted him for the fix. We shipped the guitar from Massachusetts to California knowing we were in the very best of hands. Tommy is not only the son of a violin maker and a curator of exceptionally fine instruments for Django Guitars, he is also a player and performer of the highest order. He knows exactly how these instruments are supposed to perform.  Tommy held our hand through the whole process and made sure we were on board with every adjustment he did with this very sensitive instrument. The outcome was just astounding. Tommy had brought Henry’s AJL back to life, tweaking and building several bridges and restoring its beautiful tone and growl. He is a master and is highly regarded in the gypsy jazz community as the guy to turn to when it really counts.”

-Victor and Henry Acker
Henry Acker Trio

“I bought a 1977 Jacques Favino oval hole from the original owner. It was played intensely for about 15 years but hadn’t been played much in the last 25 years.
– Good finish but there was a big wear spot on the top.
– A tuning button was broken/repaired with some glue. still wonky.
– Intonation on the b string was off..
– Wear spots on the frets.
– Original bridge action was really really high.

Enter Thomas:
– Replaced the broken button with old original stock,
– Somehow lowered the action, fixed the intonation,
– Fretboard felt like new, wear spots now gone
– Tailpiece was cleaned with added padding underneath,
– Handcrafted a replica bridge that sounds like it could be original
-French polished and cleaned guitar.

It now plays like the guitar is new and it is still all original!
Wow! All perfectly done.”

-Randy H. (Oakland, CA)

“Thomas is a true gentleman. The care and attention to customer interests at DjangoGuitars is unparalleled. Buying a first luthiered instrument can be a bit stress full and challenging (searching for all the right details and qualities).  Everyone has such unique desires and expression through instruments. Thomas made a conversation of the experience with me.  He treated my interests with top notch presence, patience, advice, and asking the right questions; bringing passion to the discussion. Above all of the things we spoke of, my satisfaction was his highest concern. Anyone searching for the right instrument and direction for the next musical step would be lucky to work with Thomas at DjangoGuitars.”

-Sean M. (Asheville, NC)

“I took my Shelly Park Montmartre guitar to Thomas for an adjustment. The guitar is beautifully made but was a bit too wet sounding for my liking even though it has a large Favino style body. Once I got the guitar back I was surprised by how it retained it’s tone but was now as dry as I could have hoped for. Thomas knows gypsy guitars and if I have an issue he is the first one I take my guitar to for advice, he just gets it. I am confident in his specific knowledge of the genre and will continue to use his vast knowledge.”

-Craig S. (Santa Barbara, CA)

“I recently got a guitar from these guys….this was the best, most personable experience for me. It’s scary buying a guitar that you’ve never played. But Thomas personally picked out a great guitar for me with exactly all the specifications that I required. I play gypsy jazz for a living every day in New Orleans and I needed a loud, responsive, crunchy guitar with incredible tone and that’s exactly what I got. This buying experience was incredibly rewarding for me, which was the total opposite from the experience I had purchasing a guitar from another popular gypsy jazz website. Thank you for the amazing guitar!”

-John S. (New Orleans, LA)

“Through the hard work of Thomas and his associates, has become an incredible resource for players of this genre of music. It has come to represent, support, supply, and sponsor the large Southern California gypsy jazz scene from its location in Laguna Beach. For me personally, Thomas has worked on several of my guitars, installed tuners, pick guards, built bridges. He’s hand crafted me picks from [materials] I’ve supplied—he is my string dealer and he’s even given my friends and I some pretty good gigs over the years. Most recently he’s loaned me a high quality upright bass to practice on. Thomas is a good dude, and it is reflected in the business he works so hard for. He is a real player and performs around the world with the very products he endorses and sells. He has the knowledge and supplies to keep any Django-inspired musician happy. Go to DjangoGuitars. Do business with them. Grow them. They are the people gypsy jazz desperately needs.”

-Gage (Long Beach, CA)

“So happy with my recent transactions with DjangoGuitars I wanted to post a quick review. It’s so great to have someone I trust to work on my two Favino style guitars! One of my guitars had been set up by a normal luthier here in LA, who had set it up like a Martin and taken almost all the tone out of it! Thomas tweaked it and brought it back to life and it sounds as good as when I bought it. On my other guitar, he found and fixed a crack on the top, and installed a pickup system into it that sounds fantastic. He is thorough, fast and amazingly affordable. I will be working with him and buying from him from now on! I recommend him to anyone in the Gypsy Jazz world! So glad to have Djangoguitars around!!”

Noah (Los Angeles, California)

“Purchased my guitar online through django guitars.  It is fantastic, and was shipped in tip top condition, all the way to New Zealand.  It was obvious they are professionals and have done this before. The best part was the time they took to look after me, I could never have made the right decision without them.  They were very genuine, helpful, knowledgeable and thorough.  The best part, is that I really felt like I was getting the helpful instore experience, even though I was purchasing online, a feat that can be difficult to achieve, yet they did so incredibly well. I would definitely recommend DjangoGuitars, plus gypsy jazz guitars are the best!!!

Adrian (New Zealand)

“I recently purchased a Altamira M-20 from DjangoGuitars and I’m completely satisfied with the product I received, as well as the service. From the start Thomas was extremely helpful in using his expertise and honesty to guide me in to getting the right guitar for me at this time. The work he completed, ( a set up, adding a custom tail piece, custom tuners and the instillation of a K&K pick up,) compliment the instrument wonderfully. Thanks Thomas for a great guitar within my budget, I look forward to buying my next Gypsy guitar from you in the future.” 

Bruce (New York)


It was a pleasure buying a guitar from DjangoGuitars. After trying a bunch of guitars, I bought a great Altamira D Hole that I’m really happy with. At one point the input jack came loose on the guitar many months later and they came out to give the guitar a tune up free of charge. The shipping was fast and the guitar was well packed. They are extremely knowledgable with these guitars, as well as everything else related to Gypsy jazz, and can help you find the best guitar for your playing style. Honest, professional, and courteous. It was great doing business with them! -Ethan Emerson (The Icy Hot Club)



“The staff at the City Of Las Vegas would like to thank you for your participation in this year’s DjangoVegas. Your display and excellent customer service was outstanding. Thank you for sharing with our community”Brian Kendall, Director of Cultural Affairs; City Of Las Vegas


Bought a Paris Swing GJ-39 last year from Djangoguitars, it was a replacement for my Cigano I’ve had for 2 years. What I like about the guitar aside from the low price is that it beats out the Cigano in every category. The sound is fuller and more crisp,plus the hardware and finish on the guitar look great. I’m a rhythm guitarist and this guitar has a nice dry tone that I prefer. Will be looking into Djangoguitars again when I need to upgrade. Angelo Roldan (Los Angeles)

Dedicated to serving the Gypsy Jazz community! 31662 South Coast Hwy Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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