Labor Price List:

We specialize in setup, restoration and tonal optimization of Gypsy Jazz guitars. For specific requirements re-fret or custom work please contact us for a consultation and quote.

  • Basic Setup: $65 (we generally do not charge for setting your action or making minor changes for you)
  • New bridge install: $50
  • Deluxe setup includes bridge optimization (for vintage guitars): $165
  • Custom Made Bridge (Favino or Selmer Type): $95
  • Mylar Pick Guard Install: $30-$40
  • New Nut from Blank Mammoth: $85
  • New Nut Install: $50
  • New Tailpiece install: $20
  • Install strap buttons: $12
  • Big-Tone install: $100 (includes a USA Switchcraft jack and bridge setup)
  • Definity or K&K install $80.00 ( 50% discount on install with an instrument purchase)
  • Installing Tuning Machines: $50
  • BAM Latch Replacement: $45.00 (per latch installed)
  • Custom Case Pocket: $135

Amplifier Repair and Design:

We offer tube and sold state amplifier service in house. $45.00 per 1/2 hour of labor.  We can also build custom amplifiers on request.


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