The legend of S&G: 1930’s Siro & Gino/Chevin Bouche Ronde


10845886_576484878914_6631208058652828749_oPictured in this post of our feature are some of the more obscure makers producing guitars during the 30’s. Siro Burgassi and Gino Papri began producing for Chevin/Busato at their workshop located at 56 Rue de Reuilly in Paris. Siro and Gino and their importance to later “Busato” production will be detailed in our next article.

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“Gypsy Dreamers”: A Conversation on the Past, Present and Future of Gypsy Jazz

BOULOU INTERVIEWA few months ago, I had the great pleasure of speaking with three of the most significant musicians in the French jazz scene. Their family’s history of close association and collaboration with the great Django Reinhardt indelibly links them to a rare form of artistry and particular musicianship. A certain “mystique” has always accompanied the name of Django Reinhardt. The public’s common misconception of Django’s musical
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