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*Arriving Soon* 1940’s Antoine Di Mauro Grand Bouche

*JUST IN* 2015 Shelley Park “Montmartre” (Deluxe Model, Soundport) $4,000

*JUST IN* 2017 Geronimo Mateos “Audrey” $2,650

*JUST IN* 2017 StringPhonic #503 Basic Model $2,000

SOLD 2017 StringPhonic #503 Advanced Model #64 $SOLD

SOLD 2017 StringPhonic #503 Advanced Model #68 $SOLD

JUST IN 2017 Geronimo Mateos “Jazz B” $2,200

2016 Craig Bumgarner “Corazon Vintage Deluxe” $4,600

2015 J.B. Castelluccia Modele “Pigalle” Intermediate D $3,500

2014 Ezio Navone “Modello Supremo” $4,600

2013 Christophe Lagane Petite Bouche HSC $3,000

R A R E 1945 Antoine Di Mauro “Jazz” #113 $7,500

1960 Favino Concert Classical OHSC $4,300

1970’s Favino Tenor Guitar $6,000

1977 Jacques Favino “Model Enrico Macias” #588 OHSC $10,500

1971 Jacques Favino Modele 10 $CALL

1939 Siro Burgassi #266 Grand Bouche $6,400

1950’s Joseph Di Mauro “Curtil” $8,000

1930’s Francesco Olivieri “Orchestre” $16,000

1996 Maurice Dupont MD-35 $4,900

2015 Maurice Dupont “Rocky Gresset Model” $5,100

2016 Maurice Dupont “Nomade” $2,200

2013 Christelle Caillot #46 $CALL

2016 AJL XO 503 OHSC $5,500

2011 Jean Barault Petite Bouche $4,750

*SOLD* 1940’s Busato “Grand Modele” $*SOLD*

SOLD J.B. Castelluccia “Pigalle” Petite Bouche $SOLD

*SOLD* 2017 Christelle Caillot Petite Bouche #58 $*SOLD*

*SOLD* 2017 Geronimo Mateos “Jazz A” $*SOLD*

*SOLD* StringPhonic Standard Model *SOLD*

*SOLD* 2017 Manouche Latcho Drom (Cedar) “Swing 42” w/ HSC $*SOLD*

*SOLD* 2016 Latcho Drom Manouche “Special Chorus” M-40F *$SOLD*

*SOLD* 2016 Geronimo Mateos “Jazz-B” Grand Bouche

*SOLD* 2016 Geronimo Mateos “Audrey”

*SOLD* 2016 StringPhonic #503 #40 Petite Bouche HSC #503 $SOLD

*SOLD* 2014 Christelle Caillot Modele Selmer Jazz #50 $SOLD

*SOLD* 1991 Pierre Anastasio “Selmer Jazz” $SOLD

*SOLD* 2013 Shelley Park “Montmartre” #284 *SOLD*

*SOLD* 2015 StringPhonic #503 Petite Bouche $SOLD

*SOLD* 2012 Maurice Dupont MDC-50E $SOLD

*SOLD* 1950’s DiMauro “St Louis Blues” $SOLD

*SOLD* 1940’s Grande Bouche attributed to Joseph DiMauro SOLD

*SOLD* 1950’s Francois Anastasio (Ex. Dorado Schmitt, Serge Camps) HSC $5,000 *SOLD*

*SOLD* 2014 Christelle Caillot #51 Custom *SOLD*

*SOLD* 2015 Geronimo Mateos “Jazz  B.” $SOLD

*SOLD* 1996 Maurice Dupont MD-50 EX TCHA LIMBERGER $SOLD

*SOLD* 2005 USED Dell Arte Hommage (CLICK TO VIEW)

*SOLD* 2013 Dupont Nomade Oval $SOLD

*SOLD* 2016 Geronimo Mateos “Audrey” $SOLD

2012 Manouche Latcho Drom 14D $SOLD

*SOLD* 2012 Maurice Dupont Nomade Oval $SOLD 

*SOLD* 2011 Christelle Caillot Modele Jazz #40 *SOLD*

*SOLD* 2015 Geronimo Mateos Audrey *SOLD*

*SOLD* 2015 Dupont MDC-50 $SOLD

*SOLD 2016 Geronimo Mateos “Jazz-B” HSC SOLD*

*2013 Christelle Caillot Modele Selmer Jazz #42 $SOLD*

 2007 Christelle Caillot Selmer Model $SOLD

*SOLD 2014 Dell Arte Hommage Studio Model $SOLD*

*SOLD*1996 Maurice Dupont MC-30 *SOLD*

SOLD 2009 Maurice Dupont MD-50E *VG+* $3,600

*SOLD* 2012 Christelle Caillot Modele Selmer Jazz #46 *SOLD*

*SOLD* 2012 Dell Arte Macias Model Maple $SOLD

SOLD 2015 Manouche Latcho Drom Nuages (Ovengkol Model) $SOLD

*SOLD* 2015 Manouche Latcho Drom Nuages (Koa Model) $SOLD

*SOLD* 2016 Maurice Dupont MD-100 $SOLD OHSC (CLICK TO VIEW)

*SOLD* 2013 Manouche Latcho Drom Nuages Model $SOLD




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