Born in France in 1972, Christelle first began studies as a scientist but, her passion for music and desire to be creative with her hands led her down another path.
Chance meetings with luthiers at various festivals and her questions about the instruments she played in her own gypsy jazz group led her to train at Flanders CMB (Centre bill of musical instruments in Belgium).
She trained in different aspects of building for 5 years. Later moving to Spain, she began to integrate more traditional local techniques of classical guitar building. Her instruments have been chosen by the top players in the style; Angelo Debarre recorded his release “Entre Ciel Et Terre” with a Christelle Caillot guitar. You can hear the results.
Attention to detail, limited output, hand selected and matched materials contribute to the high standards, and consistency of every guitar she offers. Her guitars are full of reserve, bracing is tuned specifically for even response and volume across all 6 strings. The deep woody growl combined with the modern balance and power;  her instruments give you the sound of a classic golden period gypsy guitar with the modern ease of playability. Her instruments are truly in a class of their own.



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Made to order prices:

Guitare Jazz Manouche Petite Bouche: $5,500

Guitare Jazz Manouche Grande Bouche: $5,500

Grande Modele Jazz Manouche: $7,500

Contact for orders within in the USA and Canada. 949-499-5088

The Construction:


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